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Send technicians to the right place at the right time

Commusoft's service scheduling software gives you a clear view of your team's schedules and keeps your technicians and office in sync. Our intuitive and flexible scheduling system has been designed specifically to help field service businesses plan and execute their work orders. With Commusoft, it's easy to add or reschedule jobs, access your schedule from anywhere, and keep customers up to date with their appointments.

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service scheduling software


Choose a time and create a new appointment with our intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling software. Plus, benefit from dedicated tools that help you pick the best technician for the job.


Just had an urgent work order request and need to redirect your technician? No problem. With a real-time calendar sync, they’ll be notified immediately of any changes on their mobile app.


Our field service scheduling software is a flexible solution. That's why we let you view your schedule by the day, week, or month. Plus, you can further customize it to suit your preferences.

Key capabilities of service scheduling software

  • Easily schedule and dispatch
  • Drag and drop to easily rearrange events
  • Color-code calendar by tech or job type
  • A variety of time frames and views
  • Full schedule available on mobile
  • Calendar syncs between the office and the field
  • Benefit from advanced scheduling tools
  • No more double booking
service scheduling software; calendar view

Easily manage technicians' time and schedules

Commusoft’s easy-to-use schedule allows you to effortlessly add new jobs or rearrange your calendar by dragging and dropping appointments. This gives your team the power to seamlessly respond to scheduling changes and keeps everyone in sync. You can see multiple calendar views such as daily, weekly, two-weekly, and monthly. Additionally, our map view marks the location of each job and can be enhanced further when you track technicians in real time.

mobile view of service scheduling software

Take your schedule with you, wherever you go

Whenever a job is added or rescheduled, technician schedules update in real time and can be accessed from their iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. This means your team stays in the know, wherever they go. Our mobile calendar is fully functional, and if you grant technicians permission, they can add new jobs, rebook appointments, and cancel events as needed. Managers can also access the entire calendar from the mobile app, allowing all technicians and jobs to be viewed and organized from wherever they are.

Track jobs with service scheduling software

Track the status of each job from the schedule

Our mobile and web software stay in sync in real time, so it’s never been easier to keep tabs on the progress of work orders. When field technicians input actions from the mobile app, this information is instantly reflected on the schedule for everyone. At a quick glance, our simple icons convey key details like a thumbs up for an accepted job, a house when the technician is on site, or a tick once the job is complete. Not only does the status of each job display on the calendar, but a log of the exact date, time, and location of the technician is saved alongside the full work history.

service scheduling software service windows

Manage customer expectations with service windows

We understand that your appointments can be unpredictable at times. Whether it’s an absent customer or a job that’s unavoidably run over, scheduling and meeting customers’ expectations can become difficult. With Commusoft’s service windows feature, you can book an appointment for your technician at a specific time, e.g. 9:00 – 10:00 am, and assign it to the “Morning” service window. While the technician knows the exact appointment time, the customer is only informed of the “Morning” time frame. This gives technicians more flexibility if they’re running early or late, without disappointing customers.

Want to see how service scheduling software saves you time and money?

service scheduling software technician skills

Book the right technician every time

Booking the best technician for the job is vital to ensure the work gets done as planned. With our skills management and shift patterns tools, you can avoid booking an out-of-shift technician or sending someone who isn’t fit to complete the task. Once you assign skills to employees and job types, the schedule automatically filters to show you only the technicians who match the skills for the job you are booking. Additionally, our customizable shift patterns display directly on the schedule, allowing office staff to instantly see when technicians are available, unavailable, or in an overtime shift.

service scheduling software customization

A flexible and customizable schedule

There is no one-size-fits-all for field service scheduling software. To meet different service businesses’ unique needs, we’ve strived to make Commusoft’s schedule as flexible as possible. You can customize the experience with various viewing options and system settings. Customizations include a vertical or horizontal (Gantt) layout, color-coding for users or job types, pastel or high-contrast colors, schedule filters, and even multiple options for sizing and padding.

service scheduling software automatic communications

Automatic communications help keep your calendar on track

An organized calendar is essential to running your business smoothly—but it quickly falls apart if your customers are not kept in the loop. We automatically generate personalized confirmations and reminders, which ensure customers have the information they need, when they need it. These emails and text messages reduce the possibility of being unable to access a property to complete work. If anything changes, you can simply send an updated notification to keep your customer informed.

intelligent scheduling software map view

Optimize further with intelligent scheduling

For businesses that wish to save even more time and resources, we offer intelligent scheduling. This is a powerful upgrade to our technician scheduling software and gives office staff the ability to automate job bookings with a sophisticated route-optimization engine. It can be used to book individual appointments with great efficiency or can schedule hundreds or even thousands of jobs at once. This smart system not only saves your staff time, but it also analyzes your calendar to help fit more jobs into your schedule.

Ready to take your business to the next level with service scheduling software?

  • Book More Jobs
  • Spend Less Time Scheduling
  • Improve Customer Journeys