User Management

Easily manage employees with our user management solution

Store all your employees' details and essential documents in your work order management system. Our system allows you to keep detailed notes on your staff safely in the cloud, recording information such as training certifications or tax documents. That way, everything you need to know about your staff is just a few clicks away.

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Save time

Don't waste time searching for employee information or looking in various places for printouts of contracts and IDs that you haven't seen in months. With Commusoft, you'll always have fast access to your staff’s important documents and details.

Centralize records

Having multiple systems for the various aspect of your field service business is costly, complex, and frustrating to manage. Choosing an all-in-one system like Commusoft helps bring it all together so you can focus your time and money on the things that matter most.

Go digital

It’s a classic image: a swamped business owner surrounded by stacks of paper and towers of documents occupying their inbox. It doesn't have to be you. With paperless processes, your files are more secure and you free yourself from the office work.

Key functionalities of user management

  • Paperless employee management
  • Store essential documents
  • Secure cloud-based database
  • Files, documents, and notes
user management employee information

Keep detailed digital records for all your employees

With the user management feature, you can store all the necessary information on your staff within a secure database. This includes contact details as well as electronic copies of important documents like forms, licenses, and tax information. If your employees have qualifications that will expire, you can include them here and set up reminders for when it’s time to renew. You can also create notes against the individual for whatever reason you like (maybe their birthday and favorite kind of cake!).

user management login

Provide secure and convenient access

In order to login to your Commusoft account, each user needs the company’s unique client ID, as well as their own username and password. This ensures only your team can access your company data. We understand that keeping track of all your accounts and passwords can be tricky though, so you can also login via your Google or Facebook accounts. To learn more about how Commusoft does everything we can to keep your data safe, check out our security overview.

Manage user licenses

Add more licenses as your team grows

Commusoft’s licensing system gives you the transparency and flexibility to manage and add licenses from your account settings. Here you can review and download your contracts as well as purchase additional user licenses on the fly. Quickly see how many contracted, rolling, or daily licenses your account has and how many still need to be assigned to users. Discover more about the different license types Commusoft has to offer on our pricing page.

user management additional information

Additional user management features available

We offer a variety of other features that can assist with managing users. These include user groups that help organize your teams, skills that can be assigned to different employees, shift patterns to assist with scheduling, and vehicle tracking to locate employees’ vans. You can also allocate a “cost rate” and a “sale rate” for each user to help plan jobs. With this myriad of tools, you can properly manage and get the most out of your team and your software.

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