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Automation is a surefire way to increase a business's revenue. The ROI calculator below shows you how much time and money automated scheduling and route optimization could generate for you. Plus, the return on investment for implementing Commusoft's intelligent scheduling system.

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With intelligent scheduling, we estimate that your business could gain:

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*Based on team size specified

The intelligent scheduling ROI calculator works out how much time can be saved in the process of scheduling a job and from technicians' time spent driving. These gains are all possible when using a scheduling system that is intuitive and effortless for office staff and is underpinned by a route optimization algorithm that calculates highly efficient schedules. Freeing up technicians' time means availability for more jobs and helps secure your business a positive return on investment.

Benefits of Intelligent Scheduling

Map route optimization

Route Optimization

A route optimization algorithm does the hard work and finds the most efficient date, time, and tech for a job. Forget about inefficient routing and planning!
Smart idea

A Smart System

Intelligent scheduling doesn't just analyze the driving distance to a job, but considers existing appointments, technician skills, shift patterns, and service windows.
Calendar schedule

Mass Scheduling

Save even more time by booking tens or hundreds of jobs at once with mass scheduling and let the software process thousands of possible combinations.

The Right Investment

Automated scheduling can streamline your business’s job bookings like nothing else.

Intelligent scheduling feature available on Commusoft Automation plan

Make sure you invest in the best software possible. Check out Commusoft’s intelligent scheduling now.

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