Stripe is a worldwide payment system that's available online and in mobile apps. Track and manage your entire business online or on-the-go with the Stripe dashboard.

Take payments within Commusoft and have the money paid into your bank account within seven days.

Avoid late payment from customers

By taking payment at the property you can avoid late-paying and non-paying customers

Take in the field payments

Quickly and efficiently process transactions on the move and allow your technicians to take payments

Sync payments with your invoices in Commusoft

Reduce the admin time of inputting sales orders and generating invoices

How does it work?

Commusoft will take the payment from the credit or debit card via Stripe, mark it as paid within your database, and transfer the payment straight to your accounting package.

What Do I Need?

To set up the integration, you’ll need a Commusoft account and a Stripe account. If you need to set up Commusoft, contact our team here.

Avoid late payment from customers with Commusoft and Stripe

Stripe builds the most powerful and flexible tools for internet commerce, and Commusoft is an all-in-one, cloud-based job management system designed for field service businesses with multiple technicians.

Your technician will be able to generate an invoice and have it accepted right from the property, then your office staff can use the Stripe credit card module to enter the payment details.

Hundreds of thousands of the world’s most innovative technology companies are scaling faster and more efficiently by building their businesses on Stripe.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is this solution Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant?

Yes, the Commusoft Stripe integration is fully PCI DSS compliant. Customer card details are never stored in Commusoft’s system. They are stored by Stripe, which is a secure, PCI DSS compliant payment service provider. 

Can I store card details for future invoices raised against the customer?

Yes, these customer details can be stored, but the card details themselves are not stored directly in Commusoft but are stored by Stripe, in accordance with PCI DSS compliance rules. 

Does Commusoft handle the fees that Stripe charges for transactions?

No, you will need to adjust this fee manually in your accounting package.

Does the Stripe payment go directly into my bank account?

Stripe offers a variety of payment solution agreements, depending on your business model. The type of agreement and account you have with Stripe will decide whether payments go directly into your bank account.

How long is a deferred payment valid for if the payment isn’t processed in Stripe?

Generally, the length of time you can keep a deferred payment as valid depends on the card provider but 7 days is the number for our Stripe integration. However, this is subject to change so make sure to check if it applies to your business.

Can I process a refund for these Stripe payments in Commusoft?

Refunds will be managed via Stripe in order to ensure compliance with PCI regulations.

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